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Notice of Soliciting Papers on 2015 International Conference of Energy Storage Technology and Materials


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     Energy is always not enough for human beings. In recent years, energy use has attracted great attention of people, that is, how to store energy in an available form and then make full use of it when the need for energy increases, and how to acquire energy in a lower price and store it for unexpected needs.
     How to save and make best use of limited energy has always been a topic for people to explore, which has attracted great concern of international energy industry for decades. Energy storage is considered as one of the most important ways of energy saving technology, and plays a significant role in people’s daily life and industry production. Researches on energy storage have widely been concerned by people around the world, and recently, a lot of researches have been made by some research and development institutions, colleges and universities, achieving remarkable achievements.
     In order to help the enterprises, research and development institutions to have a comprehensive understanding of the latest energy storage technology and standard, market trend and investment suggestion, technological difficulties and solution, project demonstration and experience sharing, it is decided by China Energy Society that 2015 International Conference on Energy Storage Technology and Material will be hold on October 16 to 18, 2015. This conference mainly focuses on the latest technology, product, policy and hot topic in energy storage field. China Energy Society decides to solicit excellent papers towards the whole industry before the beginning of conference; the detailed content and requirements for papers are presented as follows:


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